Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm Trying To Get Back To Blogging.

I'm trying to get back into blogging, it is so hard to find the time to share great deals, coupons, topics on Autism, etc.  Especially with 4 kids, ages 3-11 running me in circles.  With 4 kids my days seem to fly by, between their activities, summer school, therapies, play dates, and parties, before I know it it is time for supper and then begin the bedtime routine.

I've been trying to get back into sewing this summer and have had great success in making easy sundresses for my two girls.  My better half has suggested I make them and sell them, though I'm sure if I want to take that step.  I've registered a Etsy store name, I've not opened yet.  My hope was to get my sisters involved with it too.  My sisters are both very talented, one does beautiful needle art and works, the other is a very gifted photographer (she is also a missionary), we had talked about starting a venture where we make and sell our crafts/art.  But, we live in two different states and my state is not very friendly to selling online.

This fall all four kiddos will be in school, three will be all day and the youngest just two and half hours.  Yeah, some me time!  I'm already freaking out over the logistics of it, four different schools, 3 which get out with 15 minutes of each other and located nowhere near each other.  The worry on affording the tuition for two of the schools has set in.

As I get back to blogging I will continue to share great deals, coupons, topics on Autism, and everything in between.  My mission is changing has my kids get older.  My oldest has Autism (high functioning), he starts middle school this fall and puberty is on the horizon, both are a new frontier for me.  I've been told that kids with Autism have very different puberty than a neurotypical kids.  I've already begun to see huge emotional outburst that are much like a temper tantrum of my 3 year old, but much more dramatic.  This outburst are more frequent than ever before.  It doesn't help that he has tons of anxiety over things most of us don't think twice about.  If anyone has any advice on puberty with Autism, please feel free to leave a comment or if you have any excellent resource on the topic, leave a comment!  I will try to share anything and everything I find out on puberty in a child with Autism, because I have another son with Autism a year younger on the same path.

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