Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Deal on Holiday Wrapping Paper @ Target.

I am pretty lucky to live within 4 Target stores. The store I went to today was putting out the Christmas stuff in the Dollar Spot. I found wrapping paper rolls, 40 square feet, for a buck! There where so many different styles to chose from. I ended up getting the rolls you see in the photo, some styles I got 2 off. I've discovered you can really never have to much wrapping paper. The green is a plaid which I can save to wrap Birthday or Father's
day gifts in. I really liked the pink with candies and the red with silver metallic snowflakes. They also had a red paper with white snowflakes.
I just love Target's dollar spot. I can't wait for the holiday note pads to be put out. They make the best gifts for teachers, teachers aids, bus drivers, and therapists!

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Crystal said...

I am in love with Target. :)