Monday, October 5, 2009

Allergy Free Banana Muffins.....

It has been awhile since I've attempted to bake anything GF/CF/EF. I found, at my local library, "The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook". I checked it out and looked through the recipes.
In the cookbook is a recipe for basic muffins, with instructions for making variations. I decided with 5 very ripe bananas I need to at least try, since I've started feeling better and have more energy.
The recipe did not call for nuts, but I added some chopped walnuts to the tops before baking. They smelled wonderful as they baked. Once they cooled enough to touch I tried one. They actually tasted pretty good. The only negative is that they stuck to the papers. I'm think next time to spray the pan with cooking spray and for go the paper liners.
I did not use the flours recommended in the recipe, because my son is gluten free, I used my Bob's Red Mill gluten free flour blend.
It appears that the author has a blog AllergyCookbook. You can also find the book @ or check your local library.

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