Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arsenic In Apple Juice?

Today Dr. Oz has exposed arsenic in the apple juice our kids are drinking in this country.  That's right Arsenic, the Dr. Oz show tested several popular brands of apple juice to see what the arsenic levels where and used the FDA required levels for drink water to compare. 

I was shocked by the results of the tests.  Many of the brands I've bought for my kids tested positive for arsenic.  I've link the title of this post to the Dr. Oz show tips on what you need to know about apple juice.   Did you know that the apple juice in the juice box may not contain apple juice from this country?  I didn't realize that.  On the show and on his website the tell you how to read the info on the juice box so you know where the juice concentrate came from. 

There is plenty of info on Dr. Oz's website and video to watch about this topic.

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