Friday, August 5, 2011

Great Free Educational Websites.

I've been trying to get my oldest son up to speed on his math, especially multiplication, he was placed in advance math last year, so instead of having 3rd grade math he did 4th grade.  Big mistake on our part, he missed out on learning the fundimentals of multiplication and division.  So I've had to find multiplication drills that I can get for free and print at home.  I found, this site, I think, has some of the best math worksheets out there.  You will find addition, base ten, division, fractions, subtraction and much much more.  Check it out!

My oldest daughter is heading to kindergarten this fall and she has wanted to do "home work" too.  I found, here you can create worksheets based upon individual grades.  Best part it is Free to use.  I also found, which allows you to create writing sheets for kids, it is FREE too.  My daughter struggles with her writing the numbers 4 and 3, she writes them backwards. also has Free printable worksheets based upon grade, topic, and sub-topics.  I really like their site word printable sheets for kindergarten. 

We make our kids to at least to sheets of "home work" before they can play on the Wii and if they want more time to play I add on another 2 sheets of "home work".

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