Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Deal on Heirloom Tomatoes @ Whole Foods Market

I noticed today at my local Whole Foods Market the heirloom tomatoes are $3.99 a pound, down from $5.99 at the end of July.  I absolutely love heirloom tomatoes, they have the best taste of all the tomatoes, in my opinion.  I planted 4 heirloom tomatoes this year in my little garden and all 4 have perished, not sure why.  I do have some rouge heirlooms growing from last years seeds.  They have along way to go before producing fruit. 

Check out this yummy recipe for a tomato pie from the July/August Food Network Magazine.  I'm going to attempt to create this pie over the weekend.  If I remember to take pictures I will to share with you all next week.

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