Friday, July 1, 2011

Recyclebank, What is it?

Have you heard about Recyclebank?  Recyclebank is a website started by a group of people wanting to encourage other to make big or small changes to make an impact on our environment.  You can earn rewards by taking actions that will improve our planet.  There are reward points for community recycling, saving energy, and conserving natural resources.  The points can be redeemed for coupons and discounts from brands like Kashi, Ziploc, Back to Nature and more.  Best part it is FREE to join and start earning your reward points.  Click here to join today.

Currently Recyclebank has a point earning activity going on "Green Your Vacation" contest.  Two vacation options are currently open for you to start earning rewards points.  How it works, click on the suit case to open it, watch the short video.  Then click on Travel, the suit case will have different modes of transportation you use while traveling on or for vacation, click on each type, answer the questions or take the pledge earn points.  Yesterday "Beach" tab was opened up, you can earn 65 points.  Plus, on Recyclebanks website there are plenty of tasks to participate in to earn points. 

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