Friday, October 29, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference Questions

I heard about, on the radio, the other day.  The dj was talking about she didn't know what questions to ask at the up coming parent teacher conferences and shared the website with her listeners.  I got to think that I never really know what to ask either.  Of course I ask about his behavior in class, how he is doing overall, and how well their associating with peers. has a great set of questions to ask at a conference, some I'd never thought to ask.  Granted the conference only last 20 minutes, but I want to get the most out of those 20 minutes as I can.

It's free to join and so far I've liked what I've read.  There seems to be a lot of useful tools.  I searched the site for info on IEP's, Special Education, and Autism.  Several results came up, so I'm going to keep this site in my favorites.

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