Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Luck Find Coupons For Products You Buy.

Sometimes I get bummed, when I cannot find a coupon for products I buy regularly, especially on the foods for my kiddos special diet.  About a year ago I read a post on Hip2Save on writing to the manufacturer asking if they ever offer coupons.  This summer I decided to try it out.  I looked for the companies website to see if there is a email contact.  I wrote a message to one company through the website.  I shared how much my kids loved their product and how much I appreciated them offering such a product.  I went on to ask if they ever have coupons.  If so, where would I find them.  To my surprise about a week ago I got an envelope in them mail with 5 coupons for $.50 off any one of their products.

I also contact companies when I am unable to print their coupons online from their site.  Ever company response quickly and offers to mail me the coupons, once I send them my address.

So the next time you are searching for coupons and not finding them, write to them and just ask.  It can't hurt to ask no can it.

Try it out and come back to let me know how successful you were!

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