Friday, August 20, 2010

Zoompanel; Free Survey Site

It is coming up on two years ago that I signed up for Zoompanel, after seeing a report on it and others on Good Morning America. I wanted to share with my readers about it. Zoompanel is a survey site you can sign up for Free. They will not spam you, you will receive surveys to complete, you earn points for each survey whether or not you qualify. I earn 5 points for every survey I don't qualify for and anywhere from 50-150 points on the surveys I did qualify. Back in June I redeemed some of my points for magazine subscriptions, I now get Woman's Day and Family Circle, both subscriptions were 1000 points each. The more surveys you complete the more you'll you receive. I've recently started taking surveys from other sites and I will eventually share the sites I like the best with you. Zoompanel does not pay you in cash, just points that you can bank and redeem for items like, DVD's, jewelry, music, magazines subscriptions, books, and more. Once you reach 1000 points you can begin to redeem for rewards. To learn more about Zoompanel and to sign up click here.

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