Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Restuarant.com 3-Day Sale 80% off Any Order!

Restaurant.com is holding a 3day sale, 80% off any order, that is a huge savings! Promo code: SAVE, will get you the 80% off. What is Restaurant.com you may ask, its a online service where local restaurant can offer dining certificate for $10 or $25, the site sells them to you at a discount. With this sale a $25 will only cost $2, the $25 sell for $10 and with 80% off it is only $2!!! Now to make it even sweeter, you can purchase the certificates through one of the many rebating sites, I like Ebates and Cashbaq. Both are Free to join and have hundreds of retailers you can shop on line and earn a percentage back on your purchases.

Ebates is currently is offering 15% back on your purchase @ Restaurant.com.
Cashbaq is currently offering 20% back on your purchase @ Restaurant.com, you'll get $.50 on a $2 purchase making your final cost $1.50 for one dining certificate!! What a discount!

To join Ebates.com click here, its FREE to sign up and earn!
To join Cashbaq.com click here, its FREE to sign up and earn!

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