Monday, May 17, 2010

GMA's Sam Champion's Story on His Sister and Her Advocacy For Autism.

This morning Good Morning America began a series on Inspiration and who inspired them. Sam Champion started the week off with his story. His sister Teresa inspires him, she is an advocate for Autism cure. She has a teenage son who has Autism. It is a beautiful story, you can read the report here and you can watch the video there too. Sam Champion mentioned a Facebook page that they started Autism Champions, click here to visit.

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Anonymous said...

Sam, thank you so much for highlighting the issue of adults on the autism spectrum this morning. Your sister is a very special person who is using her knowledge to help other parents. You are correct that there are very few programs for this population of adults.
I’d like to share with you that I am the founder and Executive Director of a program for adults on the Autism Spectrum. We have been serving this population for 22 years. We serve people who fall into the middle to upper category of autism. Our clients live in individual apartments and receive their services from our program center which is adjacent to the apartment buildings. We serve them in the categories of livings skills, social emotional skill building, health and fitness, vocational skills, and art. We serve this population exclusively. Please go to our web page to learn more about us and please share this information with others. We currently have 44 people in our program who come to us from all parts of our country.
My Clinical Director, Dr Nancy Perry, has written a book about the scientific basis of the disability we serve, and about the way we provide services here at the Center. The title of the book is Adults on the Autism Spectrum Leave the Nest: Achieving Supported Independence.
Again, thank you for sharing your family’s story and the need for services for adults on the autism spectrum.