Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fraud Alert!

Last week I read on another blog about a coupon circulating the web for a FREE bag of Dorito's. This coupon is a fraudulent coupon and should not be printed out. I have not seen it online nor have I received it in my email. If you do, just delete it and let the sender know that it is a fraudulent coupon. If you wonder if you have a coupon that maybe a fraud, click here to view a list of the known fraudulent coupons. The Coupon Information Corporation has some great information on coupon fraud.

Fraudulent coupons only hurt the consumers who use legitimate coupons at there local stores. Last night my local Walmart Supercenter informed me that they are no longer accepting Internet coupons, because their all fraudulent. I have contacted Walmart's corporate offices on this, I will share with you what I learn from them. If Walmart stops taking Internet coupons, that will be a bummer. I love Walmart!

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