Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've Removed The Post on Special Ed Week.

I decided to remove the post on Special Ed Week. After many hours of googling and talking with my kiddos support teachers. I've not been able to pinpoint an exact Special Ed Week. I found one state that does have a Special Education Week, but it is not at the same time as written in the Facebook posting. Some states and school districts do have a Special Ed day.

Maybe parents and educators should work together to get an universal Special Ed Week going. I encounter many parents who judge my kiddos, just because their special ed inclusion students. The inclusion has help both of them tremendously. Granted not every student who receives special education will be able to be an inclusion student and that is okay. There is no harm in getting those students who inclusion would benefit, into the mainstream classrooms. I know not every school district works toward inclusion for what ever the reason and that saddens me. When it comes down to it, its all about money. In my experience and the reason we moved into our school district, they want special ed students included in the general ed population. The district only includes the special ed students who qualify for it.

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