Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rachael Ray show today, story on Couponing.

Today on the Rachael Ray show they aired a story on using coupons to save money on your shopping. For anyone not sure about using coupons, click here to read about it.

Update: I think the Rachael Ray show needs to get some of the super couponer who blog about their coupon saving on the show. I bet many of them can do better than the guest did!

Also, you can head over to It's Hip 2 Save to watch her video on using coupons at WalMart. Be sure to check out her blog each Monday for the Follow Me Monday installments.



You raise a good point about average people being able to do better than the guest on the show. I didn't see the show so I cannot comment directly on that but I often laugh when I read magazine articles about "money-saving tips." Almost every time, I finish the article thinking something along the lines of "Gee, why wouldn't someone be doing THAT anyway? Let alone without having a magazine article tell me to."

It amazes me how so many people can be so ignorant about money-saving. For example, the comment I think is probably the most ignorant is when people say something like "only poor people use coupons." To which I reply, no, SMART people use coupons!

Jen said...

AUTISMOMMA, Thanks for commenting on the post. You can watch the story online at the Rachael Ray shows website. What is interesting is she also had Bill Rancic, winner of the first The Apprentice. He pointed out that the people who use coupons are those who make $75,000 annually or more. He added the saying "The Rich get Richer".

I agree that there are very ignorant people out there who believe that only the poor use coupons. Boy won't they be surprised to learn it is actually the opposite. Many of those ignorant people are probable now "closet" coupon users, in this economy.